Gwen (gwenkern) wrote,

I am Moved!

We did a slightly-obscene farewell victory wave upon leaving Beacon Street for the last time today.

I cannot understand how any group of people could be as inconsiderate and obnoxious as are my former neighbors. On a block where 40 cars could easily park, only 28 or so cars can actually park, because people fail to understand that one should park as close as possible to the adjacent cars and/or driveways. I almost kicked one bright red Escort that has, historically, been the worst offender of all. I never want to park on that street again.

Nor shall I ever deal with Equity Real Estate again, although they have proven to be less evil than Walnut Capital is. But they haven't returned my security deposit yet, so that could still change.

I also put in my two weeks' notice at Starbucks last night. The remodel we've all awaited for over a year is more disappointing than I ever could have imagined. They've installed new, extra-bright track lighting that had me halfway to a migraine after only a few hours. All the countertops are either too high or too low to use comfortably. The new in-counter blenders make me bend my wrists at an angle at which no wrist should bend.

I have further complaints, but they are moot, since I quit.

I am relieved. I shall celebrate with ice cream.
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