Gwen (gwenkern) wrote,

Merry Christmas!

Lots of people have been posting sort of "year in review" posts, but there are parts of this year I'd rather not look back on. So I'll focus on the good stuff instead.

In January I cut off about a foot of my hair. I learned that I really don't enjoy having a short, girly hairstyle, but cutting my own hair was very liberating, and helped me remind myself that I had moved on from the life I had been living for the past few years.

In February I bought myself a new 12" iBook, which has served me very well. I also bought a Canon PowerShot A400, which I know is nothing too exciting in the world of digital cameras, but it has also served me very well.

In March I turned 24. I also met most of James's family for the first time, when his mom and her husband had a big Easter dinner and invited me.

In April James put new brakes on my car. I paid my taxes, which was a great relief to get done. On April 29th, I found out that the divorce had been finalized. I accepted a new job at Citizens Bank and drastically reduced my hours at Starbucks.

In May I started my new job. I had my first paid holiday since I worked at a law office when I was in high school. It felt (and still feels!) very luxurious to get paid for nothing.

In June we decided to rent our current house, signed the lease and got the keys. I also participated in a knitters' Secret Pal exchange, wherein I sent and received mysterious gifts.

In July the new Harry Potter book came out, and we had a power outage that day, so we had to lock up the bank and I got to read my new book at work. We moved in to our new house and threw ourselves a fantastic housewarming. My mom loaned me her knitting machine and I began learning how to use it, which was very cool. The Starbucks where I worked finished getting remodeled, and I found the new design very difficult to work in, so I quit that job.

In August we bought a washer and dryer, which are definitely among the coolest and most useful things I have ever owned. James's store moved to the Strip District, and I got to meet people from the Penzey's HQ in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I cooked veal for the first time and it came out fantastic.

In September I started going to RCIA classes at my local church. I also signed up to take the LSAT and started studying for it and working on law school application essays.

In October I bought myself a new car.

In November James and I went to Ann Arbor to check out Michigan Law, and we both really liked the town. I interviewed for a new job at the bank. For Thanksgiving, I flew to New Jersey to be with my dad's side of the family, which was great.

This month I found out I got the new job. I aced the LSAT. I took a week off from work and made a trip down to Virginia, wherein I saw my family and many old friends and reaffirmed that Charlottesville is the place for me. Now I'm getting ready for church and other Christmas festivities.

It has been a very good year.
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