Gwen (gwenkern) wrote,

Not cool... well, sort of cool

Our furnace is broken again.

James called the rental company, who sent over their handyman, who had no idea what to do and pronounced the problem "nothing simple." He then called the rental office and left a message telling them to call their heating people, and I called our property manager's cell phone and left him a message saying, "Uh, hey, no heat over here. Help, please. ASAP."

Fortunately, it's above freezing, and we have a space heater and a down comforter, and I just finished knitting James a pair of wool socks, so we'll be fine. But still, it's not much fun.

On the plus side, I officially got my new job title at work. Instead of a Teller, I'm now a Branch Sales and Service Representative. More words in my job title = more money :)
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