Gwen (gwenkern) wrote,

This is completely ridiculous.

From emmacrew:

1. Go to
2. Put in username: nycareers; password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top n results.

  1. Personal Financial Planner
  2. Certified Public Accountant
  3. Corporate / Commercial Lawyer
  4. Lobbyist
  5. Politician
  6. Customs Broker
  7. Research Analyst (Financial)
  8. Civil Litigator
  9. Criminal Lawyer
  10. Lawyer
  11. Criminologist
  12. Purchaser
  13. Legal Secretary
  14. Hotel Desk Clerk
  15. Bank Teller
  16. Insurance Underwriter
  17. Judge
  18. Public Policy Analyst
  19. Political Aide
  20. Communications Specialist

I've bolded the ones I've done in the past and the ones I think I have a decent chance of doing in the future, and italicized the ones that, although I don't think I will actually do them, I think I would likely enjoy.

I think I'm probably in the right field.
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Hee hee! Pretty good match!
1. Agricultural Engineer
2. Industrial Engineer
3. Petroleum Engineer
4. Environmental Engineer
5. Chemical Engineer
6. Mechanical Engineering Tech
7. Mechanical Engineer
8. Aerospace Engineer
9. Biomedical Engineer
10. Project Manager
11. Computer Engineer
12. Architect
13. Mining Engineer
14. Electrical Engineer
15. Materials / Metallurgical Engineer
16. Engineering Tech
17. Environmental Consultant
18. Operations Research Analyst
19. Physicist
20. Civil Engineer

I get the feeling it doesn't really know about technical fields that aren't engineering :) Otherwise, I'd feel obligated to be slightly insulted; I mean, I probably wouldn't mind being an agricultural research scientist, but who wants to be an agricultural engineer? And how did nothing at all like teaching make the list? Bah.
1. Surgeon
2. Plastic surgeon
3. Obstetrician/Gynecologist
4. Pediatrician
5. Doctor
6. Neurologist
7. Pet Groomer
8. Upholsterer
9. Gunsmith
10. Automotive Painter
11. Bicycle Mechanic
12. Dermatologist
13. Musical Instrument Builder and Repairer
14. Tailor/Dressmaker
15. Esthetician
16. Flooring Installer
17. Security Systems Technician
18. Picture Framer
19. Furniture Finisher
20. Midwife

Umm.... I was doing fairly well until #7. Then I went from being some kind of doctor to... a gunsmith? A bicycle mechanic? An upholsterer? And what is an esthetician?
1.Director of Photography
4.Social Worker
6.Addictions Counselor
7.Sport Psychology Consultant
9.Music Teacher / Instructor
10.ESL Teacher
11.Foreign Language Instructor
12.Rehabilitation Counselor
13.Humanitarian Aid Worker
16.Desktop Publisher
18.Computer Trainer
19.Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator

The job I actually hold (high school teacher) is #25 on the list. And #40 is something called "Genetic Counselor," which I can only guess at. Is it like "based on your genes, your baby is likely to be ugly"?

I think it's interesting that it pegs me as doing ESL and stuff. It never asked me if I know or have any interest in learning a foreign language. And I don't.
I just took it. Working with kids ahoy!